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Today's Message

The samajam was established with the aim of serving the devotees of Sri Sabarimala Iyyappa. Every year millions of devotees visit the shrine of Sri Sabarimala Iyyappa. The devotees in diksha visiting Sabarimala during Makara Jyothi Festival, cover a distance of 48 kms (32 Miles) called the Peria Pathai, from Eerumeli to Sabarimala, via Kalaikatti, Alludhanadhi, Aluthamedu, Karimalai, Siriyanavattam, Periyanavattam and Pamba by foot, carrying the Irumudis on their heads. The devotees cover this long and arborous route through thick forest on rough terrain bare foot. During the long walk with Irumudis and darshan of Sri Iyyappa Swamy, the devotees need a comfortable place to rest for a while and food before they embark on their journey.

The members of the samajam are devotees of Sri Sabarimala Iyyappa, visited the shrine several times, and observed the hardship faced by devotees visiting the shrine for makara jyothi darshanam during the month of January every year. The existing facilities are not adequate to meet the requirements of millions of devotees visiting the shrine every year. We established the Samajam with the sole aim of serving the devotees by providing the basic need of hygienic food during the travel.

Since formation of the samajam, we are performing annadanam in Periyanavottam during the first three days of January every year without break. Our service to the humanity was started way back in 1992 with a small group of devotees comprising Shri Manikandan, Sabarinathan, Nagarajan and Sivakumar. We started with serving just about 30 pilgrims by cooking about 15 kilos of rice. Over the period, with the grace of God and the support of philanthropists, our samajam now serve more than 15000 pilgrims and we cook 1 ton of rice.

The food is prepared hygienically and served with utmost care and devotion by our members. We take particular care to preserve the fragile environment by avoiding plastic and synthetic serving plates and use only bio degradable leaves for serving. Our members are supported by local people in keeping the cooking utensils and the place clean.

Since 2009, our Samajam is serving close to 17000 devotees and we used about one ton of rice on the three days. This is a mammoth task and could not be conducted but for the blessings of our Lord Annadana Prabhu. We are supported by many noble souls in our efforts and we thank each one for their continued support.

The importance of Annadhanam can be summed up as, 

"Those who gave the food, will be treated as Life saver ( equivalent to GOD) - Undi koduthor ...Uyir Koduthor" "If you give food to one athithi at your home ,that will remove your sins from your birth, if you give food for one person at Kasi, it is equivalent to giving food to 100  starving persons and if you give the food in Sabari Mala, the benefits are immense.


We seek your support and generous contributions to the yagna, to serve Swamy Ayyappa.